At 7:00 this morning, I attempted to finish packing my lunch by including a bag of baby carrots.  (To complement my homemade hummus and fulfill a self-imposed vegetable quota, of course.)  Between shoveling bites of breakfast in my mouth, I searched every nook, cranny, and drawer of the refrigerator for the elusive vegetable.  No luck.  I knew I hadn’t used all the carrots in last night’s fried rice supper, so they had to be somewhere.

Imagine my surprise and annoyance when I realized I had absentmindedly stashed the carrots in the freezer.

One T ride, historiography class, and five and a half hours later, they’re still frozen.  I’m up at Tufts all day, so maybe they’ll thaw by dinner tonight!

At least they kept the rest of my lunch cold...


2 thoughts on “Carrotcicles

  1. I feel SO much better about putting refrigerated food in odd places! ;-) Of course, MINE usually ended up on the pantry; NOT good for foods that are supposed to be refrigerated… They usually then made a “quick trip” to the garbage… :-(

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