The Bagel Challenge

I may not be able to properly pronounce the word “bagel” (according to a certain Jewish food authority who shall remain nameless), but to buff up my baking credentials I decided to try my hand at making them.

Tonight’s personal challenge also stemmed from the fact that I can’t– for whatever reason– make perfectly big and fluffy sandwich buns.  I’ve tried countless recipes and they all end up teeny and rock hard.  Not to mention the fact that my honey white bread always flattens out until the loaves are a mere 2 1/2 inches tall… great for tea toast but not so great for reubens.

Moral of the story: my bread-making abilities are a work in progress.  Tonight’s challenge took me well over five hours, but it was worth it in the end!

Bagel dough

Carefully dropping a bagel into boiling water



The finished product


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