Twix o’ Treat

I will admit that I was very distracted while making homemade Twix bars.  (Within six hours, I had two papers to write and a class discussion to plan.)  So I set the caramel on the stove and sat at the kitchen counter with my laptop, keeping one eye on the candy thermometer and the other on the merit of visitor participation in museum interpretation.

In the end, my papers were submitted, the class discussion went well, and the candy turned out delicious.  The caramel is a little runny, but I just didn’t have the patience to get it to the right temperature!

Why, oh why, did it take FOREVER to get to 300 degrees?

As long as I keep them cold, they should be okay :)

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This may be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever made.

I know, I know, you can buy a bag of jet-puffed in the grocery store for next to nothing.  But I had extra egg whites!  And candy making is FUN!  Plus, who knew it was even possible to make marshmallows from scratch?

David Lebovitz, that’s who.  The author of my favorite ice cream cookbook delivered again with this awesome recipe.

Fluffy, fluffy egg whites

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Don’t Run Barefoot in the Kitchen!

My cooking nickname is usually “the spatula slayer”– due to a habit of overzealous bowl-scraping– but today I think I’ve earned a new one: “the distracted destroyer.”

While engaging in a furious candy making session this morning, I accidentally knocked my favorite shot glass/ measuring cup off the counter and onto the tile floor.


I couldn’t stop to clean up the glass right away, so I put on a pair of shoes and quickly swept the glass into a concentrated pile on the floor.  This worked well for about ten minutes, until I accidentally kicked the pile and sent shards flying everywhere.  Oops.

One result of spending the morning on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor is that I discovered some messes in my kitchen.  My baseboards are covered with coffee grounds and I even found a rogue gummy bear.

But I have two papers to write, so I guess the extensive cleaning will have to wait!

Happy Unbirthday!

I had a dream the other night that I asked Gabe what kind of ice cream he wanted next, and he replied, “Latte!”

Silly brain.  Upon waking, I asked Gabe what kind of ice cream he actually wanted me to make, and he said, “Cake batter!”  So here we go.

Annie’s Eats has an awesome recipe for cake batter ice cream.  I used funfetti cake mix and whole milk instead of cream, but otherwise I followed her instructions exactly.  And it turned out excellent!

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Not So Gourmet

This blog is primarily about how much I love the challenge and joy of making delicious meals from scratch. Reading it, you might think that we eat gourmet, homemade food all the time.  Newsflash!  We also eat a lot of sandwiches.  And sometimes even canned baked beans.

Really, my blog (like any cooking blog) is all about up-close foodie photographs.  Presentation is everything.

And so, I present to you, a little bit of tongue-in-cheekiness.

The microwave quesadilla

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Two weeks ago, I tried a double-decker braided challah for the first time.  Easier (and prettier!) than the six-strand braid, this loaf quickly became my new favorite.

Gabe wondered aloud if I could make a triple-decker braided challah.  Challenge accepted.

I just hope my inquisitive boyfriend doesn’t “wonder” whether I can make a pirate ship or transformer-shaped challah.  Things could get pretty crazy around here.

I’m off to class now, but I have one question before I go:

P.S. If you vote “other,” leave a comment with your suggested shape.

Delicious Diversions

It’s a cold, rainy day in Boston, perfect for snuggling up with a latte and my schoolwork.  I’ve spent most of the morning learning about visitor motivation and how to promote engaging experiences for museum-goers… and making (more!) homemade pasta.  We may never eat boxed pasta again.

Our fridge holds a little bit of tomato paste, left over from Gabe’s puttanesca sauce, so I decided to use it to color my pasta orange.

Mixing tomato paste with eggs provides a quick way to impart color

"Rustic" orange pasta dough

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