Tasty Tidbits

After spending the afternoon tucked in a dense pile of reading, I emerged hours later, only to be reminded of my earthly existence by the sound of my stomach growling.

Snack time!  I quickly made myself a little plate of cheese and crackers, but something was missing.  There weren’t enough colors on my plate.  My snack didn’t look pretty enough.

I sprinkled a cheery dash of dried parsley on the cheese and then giggled to myself.  I am officially ridiculous.  (In my defense, the parsley wasn’t just for show.  It tasted good too!)

Seriously silly.


2 thoughts on “Tasty Tidbits

    • Hahaha. I’m going to be defending that peanut butter/Hershey’s bar sandwich for a while, huh? I probably shouldn’t tell you that last night I made open-faced BBQ meatloaf sandwiches. On fried bread. With cheese on top. (It’s a good thing we usually eat pretty healthily!)

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