Sunshine and Staircases

My high school friend, Mariah, and her boyfriend, Grant, are visiting us this weekend.  Since I don’t have class on Fridays, I spent yesterday with them doing touristy things.  We followed the red brick path of the Freedom Trail, ate lunch in the North End, walked around downtown, toured the Sam Adams brewery, and ate a seafood dinner on the harbor.

Surprisingly, we managed to do all this after climbing the 294 steps of the Bunker Hill Monument first thing in the morning.

The view at the top was amazing, but my legs are punishing me today.  Next time I have a hankering for heights, I’ll take the elevator to the top of the Prudential Center instead.

What a beautiful morning!

Are we sure about this?

Mariah and Grant prepare for the climb

The long and winding staircase

Beautiful Boston!


2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Staircases

  1. Okay, sorry…but this made me actually WANT to climb this just to prove that I can do it…and not die in the attempt! (Polish logic, I know….) ;-) After all, Pat & Jeff made me climb a huge cathedral in England… and I survived. :-) Looks like a gorgeous day – we’re sending more nice weather your way. “Hi” to Mariah & Grant! :-)

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