Delicious Diversions

It’s a cold, rainy day in Boston, perfect for snuggling up with a latte and my schoolwork.  I’ve spent most of the morning learning about visitor motivation and how to promote engaging experiences for museum-goers… and making (more!) homemade pasta.  We may never eat boxed pasta again.

Our fridge holds a little bit of tomato paste, left over from Gabe’s puttanesca sauce, so I decided to use it to color my pasta orange.

Mixing tomato paste with eggs provides a quick way to impart color

"Rustic" orange pasta dough

Then I had the bright idea to make spiral pasta.  Rolling the pasta around a stick (a thermometer, in this case) proved rather tedious…

Rolling, rolling, rolling

After creating a tray full of spiral pasta, I abandoned that idea in favor of something quicker: fall leaves!

I love cookie cutters!

Why not?  Maybe oak and maple leaves will be as ubiquitous as bowties someday.

I also made some herbed fettuccine and froze it for another day.  Maybe I’ll cook up the ridiculous-looking scraps for dinner tonight.  :)

Pasta scraps

Now that the fun is over, it’s back to my studies…


8 thoughts on “Delicious Diversions

  1. That is the most adorable pasta I’ve ever seen. Save some for me! I don’t think you can open up a restaurant quite yet – we don’t have a name for an Italian restaurant on our list!

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