Not So Gourmet

This blog is primarily about how much I love the challenge and joy of making delicious meals from scratch. Reading it, you might think that we eat gourmet, homemade food all the time.  Newsflash!  We also eat a lot of sandwiches.  And sometimes even canned baked beans.

Really, my blog (like any cooking blog) is all about up-close foodie photographs.  Presentation is everything.

And so, I present to you, a little bit of tongue-in-cheekiness.

The microwave quesadilla

The milk chocolate peanut butter sandwich

The pesto pizza bread

And of course, French toast and sausage


2 thoughts on “Not So Gourmet

  1. You must be trying to rescue Jackie’s self-esteem. Not going to lie though – the pizza one looks pretty good.

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