Don’t Run Barefoot in the Kitchen!

My cooking nickname is usually “the spatula slayer”– due to a habit of overzealous bowl-scraping– but today I think I’ve earned a new one: “the distracted destroyer.”

While engaging in a furious candy making session this morning, I accidentally knocked my favorite shot glass/ measuring cup off the counter and onto the tile floor.


I couldn’t stop to clean up the glass right away, so I put on a pair of shoes and quickly swept the glass into a concentrated pile on the floor.  This worked well for about ten minutes, until I accidentally kicked the pile and sent shards flying everywhere.  Oops.

One result of spending the morning on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor is that I discovered some messes in my kitchen.  My baseboards are covered with coffee grounds and I even found a rogue gummy bear.

But I have two papers to write, so I guess the extensive cleaning will have to wait!


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