Two Days Until Thanksgiving!

After yesterday’s blender mutiny, it took a teensy bit of willpower to get back in the kitchen this morning and keep prepping for Thanksgiving.  Good thing I come from a line of strong Polish women!  :)

Today’s accomplishments: sage and mushroom stuffing, Parker House rolls, lactose-free evaporated milk, pumpkin pie filling, and cinnamon ice cream batter.  And a hot bubble bath.

And because that wasn’t enough fun, I’m working on some recipes that use leftover Thanksgiving ingredients.  For lunch, I whipped up herbed linguine with brown butter, fresh sage, mushrooms, salt ‘n’ pepper, and a little bit of milk (to make it creamy).

Now that's what I call "leftovers"

I’ve never cooked with fresh sage before and was amused to find that the leaves are fuzzy, sort of like a velvety peach skin.  They smell like pine but taste delicious when sautéed.

The other dish I made is still in the oven, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Let’s just say that the concept induced eye-rolls from Gabe and my sisters… although that’s not too hard to do!


One thought on “Two Days Until Thanksgiving!

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