Crisis Management

When preparing a large holiday meal, crises are inevitable.  This was the first Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever planned and executed, so I received a crash course in crisis management.

First, of course, was the infamous blender mutiny.  It was pretty funny until the night before Thanksgiving, when I finally noticed splattered carrot all over the kitchen ceiling.  The solution?  Prevent my guests from looking up.  The cleanup will have to wait.

Next came the lovely surprise of an unexpected houseguest.  I was forced to remake candied pecans and rolls, and the parmesan crisps went straight in the trash without time to make them again.  (Whole Foods cheese straws to the rescue!)

Thanksgiving morning, I realized that I needed 1/4 cup of flour for the carrot soufflé but was completely out.  Grocery stores in Boston are closed on Thanksgiving and a trip to CVS proved fruitless.

I bought a box of yellow cake mix to use in a pinch, but luckily the third convenience store I visited saved the day.

The final crisis involved onions and my favorite J.A. Henckels chef’s knife.  The onions made me cry so much I could barely see where I was slicing.  Until I felt it.

Gabe was a champ and used his two functional thumbs to help me with the rest of the meal.

In the end, dinner was on the table (only five minutes late!) and a lovely time was had by all.  I’ve already made stock from the turkey carcass and am looking forward to a day of studying and eating leftovers.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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