Fixer-Uppers and Fire Escapes

This week I have a little bit of a lull in my class schedule, probably the last hurrah before the crazy push toward the end of the semester. Gabe and I spent the weekend doing various social things, including Law Prom and a Sunday matinee of The Hunger Games.

When he needed to spend time studying, I celebrated my rare homework-free weekend by fixing annoying little problems around the apartment. The management company stopped by to fix some of the issues, including a broken back burner and crumbling bathroom ceiling. They also pulled out our stove in an attempt to solve the mouse problem… leading to the discovery that there already was steel wool behind the stove. So the mice might be getting in behind the dishwasher. Which is a whole ‘nother to-do.

Their little visit got me into fixing mode, and pretty soon I was standing on a ladder trying to figure out what kind of lightbulb we needed to replace our flickering kitchen light. And then, since I was already up there, I finally washed the puréed carrot off the kitchen ceiling. (Yep, this carrot.)

After Gabe and I got back from the movie (which was awesome but had me sobbing in the theater) I started cooking a batch of pulled beef. It took a bit longer than usual, and finally I had to pull the entire pot from the oven, place it on the fire escape (thankfully last night’s weather was still refrigerator-temperature!), pray to the gods of all that is good and holy that no squirrels would try to steal my brand new Le Creuset, and go to bed.

Thankfully, the sun came up this morning, I finished cooking the beef, and all was right with the world.

Except that I returned from a trip to the grocery store to find TWENTY-THREE new mouse poops on the stove.

I’m running out of both patience and disinfectant.

I swear to god, either I’m going to go insane, or there will soon be a cat living in this apartment. Because this, ladies and gentlemen, is disgusting. Sigh.


7 thoughts on “Fixer-Uppers and Fire Escapes

  1. FYI — I was waaay more interested in a picture of your new Le Crueset…. I can hardly lift (nor wish to pay for) one of those. Hope it’s a pretty color! :-)

    • Haha, I know. Gabe was like, “Why would you put a picture of mouse poop on a FOOD blog?” And it IS disgusting. But it’s part of my life (sob). Exterminator comes today!

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