Chocolate Pudding Cake

May is a busy month. Between a dozen birthdays (including both mine and Gabe’s), Mother’s Day, and the end of the semester, there’s a lot of celebrating to do. Which means a lot of cake-eating. (Bummer.)

I just returned from Minnesota for my little sister’s college graduation. It was a crazy fun weekend with family and friends, but now I’m laid up on the couch with a fever and sore throat, apparently reprising the sickness after my own graduation three years ago. So I’m eating chicken soup and strawberry popsicles and dreaming about chocolate pudding cake.

This recipe is near and dear to my heart. It comes from The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Children’s Cookbook and was one of the first things I learned to bake all by myself. Also, it’s one of the most delicious cakes ever: warm, gooey, and chocolatey. Perfect for both celebrations and sore throats…

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Star Wars Birthday Party

Right now I’m enjoying a bit of quiet time after a very busy week. Gabe finished finals and I threw him a birthday party on Saturday night. The theme? Star Wars.

I had so much fun planning this party. Any excuse to make up terrible puns (Han-burgers anyone?) is a win in my book. Our guests loved the opportunity to create Jedi names, duel with light sabers, and act all-around silly. And yes, I put my hair in Princess Leia buns.

I apologize for the blurry iPhone photos… I was having too much fun to take “real” photos!

The Menu:

  • Han-burgers
  • Veggie Patty-wans
  • Vader Taters (potato chips)
  • C-3(pea)O Salad
  • Ewok Food (pretzel sticks, goldfish crackers, dried cherries)
  • Wookie Cookies (cookie cutters are from Williams-Sonoma)
  • Light Sabers (I dyed the white chocolate with food coloring)
  • Coruscant Cupcakes (funfetti with buttercream)
  • Thermal Detonators (chocolate-covered pretzel bites from a local candy store)
  • Yoda Soda (limeade and soda) and Add Your Own Nabooze (vodka and rum)

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Strawberry Ice Cream

Despite the fact that I love both strawberries and ice cream, it never seemed natural to put the two together. Call me crazy, but I never even tried the combo until my senior year of high school. Inconceivable!

Whenever I visit an ice cream shop, I always, always choose mint chocolate chip or cookies ‘n’ cream. I just can’t bear to pick any other flavor, lest I be disappointed. But when I make ice cream at home, I’m free to improvise.

So I made strawberry ice cream. And it was delicious. Don’t worry about the (slightly odd) presence of sour cream in this recipe; it adds a lovely texture to the finished product without being reminiscent of Mexican food.

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Turkey Lasagna

Hello friends! Sorry it’s been awhile. I have time for a quick update, and then it’s back to work. (One more paper to write; the end is in sight!)

The end-of-the-semester frenzy has wreaked havoc on our usual schedules. While I pride myself on my housekeeping abilities, dishes have a tendency to pile up in the kitchen sink when Gabe and I are busy studying. And since I hate messes, I’ve started to avoid the kitchen like the plague.

So aside from Gabe’s birthday dinner on Monday night, not much cooking has been happening around here lately. I did make turkey lasagna last weekend so we could eat leftovers all week long. (It takes two people a surprising amount of time to eat this much lasagna.) I adore this recipe. The goat cheese gives it a bit of a tang, and anything with a pound of fresh mozzarella is destined to be delicious.

Okie dokie, it’s back to paper-writing for me. Two more days until my library books (and therefore my paper) are due!

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