Tiramisu and Popcorn

It’s still hard to type these words. I have a sympathy card sitting in my desk drawer, addressed and stamped, but never sent. As if the funeral wasn’t final enough. As if the simple act of writing and mailing this one card would confirm that my dear friend was actually gone.

A year has gone by. The return address label on the envelope is no longer accurate. And still I haven’t sent the card.

My plan for marking the anniversary of Sara’s passing was to create a dish combining two of her favorite foods: tiramisu and popcorn. I swirled together sugar and mascarpone, espresso and chocolate, and drizzled it over freshly popped popcorn. It was beautiful.

Sadly, it did not taste very good. I have to work on my recipe-creating skills. But the sentiment is there.

Sara, I see reminders of you everyday. In card games, cooking shows, the giggles of children, and most of all, in people’s smiles. No one can hold a candle to your mega-watt grin, but I see glimpses of those smiles in others. Especially in your sister. And in my own sisters. And in so many others who were indelibly blessed by your short life.

I miss you today, and everyday. I love you, Sara Nan.


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