Thanksgiving Dinner Prep

It’s T minus two days until Turkey Day! I’m looking forward to having nine lovely people in my home for the holiday. Gabe and I have been trying to clean out the fridge so there will be room for all the food, which means I’m having a lunch of Triscuits, cream cheese, and salsa. Super gourmet, I know.

Right now I’m having fun dreaming up table settings before our big grocery run this evening. My favorite (and super cheap) way to dress up the table is to use scrapbook paper for placemats. It’s win-win: I don’t have to worry about wine spills on tablecloths, and the lovely natural wood table gets to shine. I’m thinking about adding texture by using a few loops of twine as napkin rings. Relaxed and fun!

Right now it’s sort of the calm before the storm. Ever since my first dinner as hostess last year, I’ve taken some cues from my Aunt Pat. Tip number one: make a list. I call this my “game plan” and it lays out everything I need to do right down to the minute. I might be a little crazy, but dinner is always on time. :)

What are your plans this Thanksgiving? Wishing all my friends and family members (both present and absent) a lovely holiday!


Cake Decor Galore

My lovely mother arrived last Friday for a weekend visit to Beantown. Apart from the usual touristy stuff, we hosted an afternoon cake decorating get-together for a handful of my girlfriends. Since my mom has mad skills and I do not, it was awesome to have her teach us how to do basket weave, cornelli lace, roses, swags, rosettes, and on and on and on. (It was also absurd how much powdered sugar and butter we went through. Yum.)

My mom’s on her way home now, but she left me with a big box of cake tips and a bunch of her guidebooks. So I basically want to spend the next week doodling with frosting. (Schoolwork and planning Thanksgiving dinner can wait, right?) I’m so excited about this whole new world that just opened up. Think of all the cupcakes and cookies and birthday cakes I can decorate!

Thanks to my mother for teaching us all, and thanks to Gabe for being such a good sport as we filled the apartment with sugar and chatter. (P.S. My boyfriend can hold his own– he makes a mean basket weave. I’m so proud.)