Cake Decor Galore

My lovely mother arrived last Friday for a weekend visit to Beantown. Apart from the usual touristy stuff, we hosted an afternoon cake decorating get-together for a handful of my girlfriends. Since my mom has mad skills and I do not, it was awesome to have her teach us how to do basket weave, cornelli lace, roses, swags, rosettes, and on and on and on. (It was also absurd how much powdered sugar and butter we went through. Yum.)

My mom’s on her way home now, but she left me with a big box of cake tips and a bunch of her guidebooks. So I basically want to spend the next week doodling with frosting. (Schoolwork and planning Thanksgiving dinner can wait, right?) I’m so excited about this whole new world that just opened up. Think of all the cupcakes and cookies and birthday cakes I can decorate!

Thanks to my mother for teaching us all, and thanks to Gabe for being such a good sport as we filled the apartment with sugar and chatter. (P.S. My boyfriend can hold his own– he makes a mean basket weave. I’m so proud.)


4 thoughts on “Cake Decor Galore

  1. Love this post! It was a very fun afternoon & fun to share w/your friends! PS. When I walked in the door this afternoon, Brynna was VERY happy to see that I’d brought a slice of cake home with me…

  2. I don’t know, I don’t think you did too bad on my graduation party cupcakes! Also, you are now obliged to send me cake. FYI.

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