2014 Food Resolutions

Happy 2014! Last year was a big transition for Gabe and me food-wise, instigated by a desire to be healthier and my avid reading of books and articles about the food industry. We still live in 21st-century America, but we’re trying our best to say goodbye to most highly processed foods. It’s actually kind of amazing and depressing that we no longer go down half of the aisles in the supermarket because there’s nothing good to be found.

In retrospect, “eating fewer highly processed foods” was an incredibly easy resolution to keep. I have a (slightly crazy) desire to challenge myself in the kitchen, we don’t have small children constantly begging for sugar, and we were both 100% on board with the change. We have absolutely no desire to go back to eating all those packaged food-like products, and I know we’ll continue to make strides on this journey. But now it’s another year, and I have three new cookbooks to delve into. So here we go!

Krista’s food resolutions for 2014:

  • Make things from scratch, scratchier. I’d love to learn new/old techniques like canning and how to soak beans. And I got a food grinder for Christmas so this girl is gonna try grinding her own hamburger!
  • Try my hand at sourdough bread. I have to admit, this one makes me nervous. A bubbling, fermenting sourdough starter in my fridge? Egad. And do I need to wait until spring to have enough wild yeast in the air? Lots of research to do before my first attempt.
  • Only buy humanely raised meat, locally if possible. If only based on price alone, this goal will definitely lead to us eating a lot less meat. I’ll also need to spend more time in a nearby co-op, although our local Target amazingly carries Thousand Hills beef.
  • Try making more dishes from other cultures. This one also scares me. I’m very content making Italian food or Americanized versions of Mexican and Chinese. But I asked for (and received) the cookbook Jerusalem for Christmas, and I’m gonna give it a whirl. I’ll probably start with hummus to reassure myself that I can handle the challenge, and then go from there. Wish me luck!
  • Eat more vegetables. Always.

In the same vein, Mark Bittman wrote an interesting list of food resolutions in the NY Times that has a lot of great ideas to adopt. What are your food (or non-food) resolutions for 2014?


6 thoughts on “2014 Food Resolutions

  1. Krista, I made a lot of the changes you are talking about a few years ago and have felt better for it! If you are serious about sourdough bread making I recommend the cookbook Tartine Bread. It will walk you through the fermentation process and has amazing recipes using the baked bread. I have faith that you will master it quickly!

    • Thanks, Netta! Chad Robertson was featured in one of the Michael Pollan books I read. I should definitely look into that cookbook. Or you can come visit and walk me through it! :)

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