Star Wars Birthday Party

Right now I’m enjoying a bit of quiet time after a very busy week. Gabe finished finals and I threw him a birthday party on Saturday night. The theme? Star Wars.

I had so much fun planning this party. Any excuse to make up terrible puns (Han-burgers anyone?) is a win in my book. Our guests loved the opportunity to create Jedi names, duel with light sabers, and act all-around silly. And yes, I put my hair in Princess Leia buns.

I apologize for the blurry iPhone photos… I was having too much fun to take “real” photos!

The Menu:

  • Han-burgers
  • Veggie Patty-wans
  • Vader Taters (potato chips)
  • C-3(pea)O Salad
  • Ewok Food (pretzel sticks, goldfish crackers, dried cherries)
  • Wookie Cookies (cookie cutters are from Williams-Sonoma)
  • Light Sabers (I dyed the white chocolate with food coloring)
  • Coruscant Cupcakes (funfetti with buttercream)
  • Thermal Detonators (chocolate-covered pretzel bites from a local candy store)
  • Yoda Soda (limeade and soda) and Add Your Own Nabooze (vodka and rum)


6 thoughts on “Star Wars Birthday Party

  1. This whole thing is just adorable. In your future job, you should be the head of the party planning committee. ;-)

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